Collapsible Mobile Canopy


In western countries, housewives often go shopping in supermarkets and vegetable markets by bicycle. It is particularly important to take shelter from rain in time. Bicycle raincoats and canopies currently on the market have some unavoidable drawbacks. When wearing a raincoat, the cyclists’vision is limited, the action is cumbersome, and cannot effectively take shelter from rain. The bicycle canopy has the problems of disassembly and installation difficulties, and the size is too large to avoiding hang up and encounter other vehicles and large wind resistance.

In order to solve the above problems, improve the effectiveness of taking shelter from rain and the safety of bicycling, iMotion invested and developed this new concept bicycle canopy project.

Problems to solve in this project:

●  How to ensure that the canopy effectively shelters;

●  How to reduce the parking space of the canopy;

●  How to ensure the portability and detachable of the canopy in sunny days.

Our services:

1. Integral rain shelter structure

●  The canopy is sewn with Oxford cloth and PU, with reflective strips at the front and side to enhance the safety factor of cycling at night.

●  The upper part adopts the aerodynamic structure design to minimize the wind resistance and has passed the level 8 wind resistance test in the laboratory.

●  The whole sewing structure and the key structure is fixed by aluminum alloy rods, so it will not fall apart or break in typhoon weather.

●  The PU material ensures that the cyclists have a good view even in rainy days.

2. The retractable parking design

●  When parking the bicycle, only two handles inside the joint need to be turned, and the upper half of rain cover will be folded. At this time, it only needs to connect the upper hook with the rear part of the bicycle to complete the folding operation, which saves the space for placing, and also prevents the bicycle from being wet on rainy days when the bicycle is parked outdoors.

3.  Detachable design when not in use

●  Quickly folding in 1 minute, just remove the pole in the middle, you can put the whole canopy in a handbag-sized cloth bag, which can be hung in front of the bicycle grip.

●  When you need to use it next time, the assembly can be completed in 5 minutes.

The product has passed the wind tunnel test of the German Ministry of transport and has been on the market in Germany. But in China, there are many canopy products in the early stage, but the safety is poor, which results in many traffic accidents. China has issued strict traffic regulations, which prohibit the installation of canopy on non-motor vehicle products. Therefore, the product has not been listed in China.

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