Chinese Dragon Boat


“Every time when I travel and wait for boarding in the airport, I stay in the toy store, where the toys are foreign brands and haven't changed for many years. When will we have a high-end toy that really belongs to us for children to play with? I asked myself more than once and began the path of exploration.”                                                                                                                                               

 ——iMotion CEO, Zhuo Li 

iMotion looked at the current children's toy market and found that the products are dominated by infant toys, and for teenagers, there are no suitable toys for daily usage. And the major toys are made by foreign brands, China lack of high-quality original toy products.

Adolescence is the best time to develop children's practical ability, ordinary dynamic remote-control model can exercise children's control ability, but it cannot improve their assembly, stitching, modification ability. High-end remote-controlled toys are a huge investment, which is a big expense for the average family.

The Chinese Dragon Boat, designed and developed by iMotion, is a battery-powered model that can be assembled and raced.

Design highlights:

●  The product changed the monotonic propeller propulsion mode of the traditional toy hull to the mechanical arm slurry sliding mode.

●  The product adopts worm and gear transmission technology, which is stable in transmission and low in noise.

●  It Highly restores actual water ingress operation track of the dragon-boat race, attracts children to assemble, exercise their hands-on ability. 

●  In addition, the hull accessories are made from food grade raw materials, smooth appearance, flawless and burr-free, to protect children's safety, and low power consumption, the lowest 3V can be driven.

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