Ford Interior Dome lights


Ford is a multinational manufacturer of automobiles. IMotion develops an automatic assembly system for interior Dome lights for Ford, including auto assembly equipment development, functional testing, light and force measurement development, polyester film pasting.

Ford Interior Dome lights consists of lamp beads, ferroelectric memory, metal parts, LED, switches and other components. All parts are assembled automatically, and the feeding of each part is achieved through vibration plates and other transmission devices.

① The machine automatically completes the steps of labeling, installing diodes, installing iron parts, hot stamping, punching and other links.

② Test link: Test whether the conductivity is normal.

③ After the test link shows normal, judge whether the button model and direction are correct through image recognition, and then install the button, lamp beads, etc..

④ Performing product function test, press pressure measurement, and display PASS as completion of all processes.

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