Derby Cycle Electric Bicycle Frame


Derby Cycle is one of the best bicycle manufacturers in Germany and a leader in the field of electric bicycle. Derby owns Kalkhoff, Focus, Raleigh, Univega and Rixe brands, in addition, the range of Derby Cycle consists of competition bikes, mountain bikes, touring, city, off-road and children’s bikes.


Problems to solve in this project:

Derby Cycle has hand craft production line, and workers need to stick 1000 pieces of carbon fiber together to make bicycle frame. Each operator can only make one frame per day, pure manual operation will cause problems such as missing placement which leads to unstable product quality. Derby Cycle entrusted to us to develop a complete production process and quality control method for carbon fiber frame to improve efficiency and good product rates.

Our services:

iMotion is responsible for: designing carbon fiber manufacturing processes, electric bicycle battery design, and other component designs.

iMotion team helped customer clients to develop a complete set of production line to optimize procedure of manufacturing and stick process of carbon fiber with 6 months. Standardize operating techniques, including design of fixture and gauge, to ensure stability and consistency of product output quality.

The solutions provided by the iMotion team enable Derby Cycle's products to achieve the best quality of the past 5 years. The modified bike rack, which also appears in the pre-test report of Tour de France, is shown as excellent quality, and the CEO has sent a letter of thanks to iMotion.

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