Power Paper Cosmetics Patches

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Founded in 1997, Power Paper focuses on innovative printed microelectronics clean energy technologies and filming, and licenses patents. Its highly competitive patent and intellectual property technologies have given a strong impetus to the use of its products in the use of cosmetic masks, radio frequency (RFID) tags, consumer electronics and drug clinical trials and other areas of the world's leading brands of products, to provide these products with micro-powered energy.

The cosmetic masks are based on Iontophoresis and electroosmosis technology, greatly improve the permeability of cosmetic formula, for anti-aging, whitening, acne treatment. This mask has been sold through more than 100 cosmetics companies and distribution networks around the world.

This microelectronic mask is made from printed ultra-thin batteries, made from readily available materials including zinc and manganese dioxide, and is safe and environmentally friendly, free of harmful substances, and can be produced on a small scale or on a large scale.

iMotion is primarily responsible for the printing process, production process development and mass production of this electronic paper.

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