Boyu High Frequency Pulse Sputum Extraction System

The customer is determined to make the first full thoracic high frequency pulse sputum excretion system in China. the entire system includes a composite high-frequency air oscillator; airbag vests cover the front, sides and back of the patient's chest; air guide hoses connect the first two. According to the principle of simulating normal physiological cough, the vest worn by the patient is connected to a high-speed pulse pump with a pipe. The main machine is inflated and deflated at high speed, and the chest cavity of the patient is oscillated at high speed and slightly through the inflated vest, thereby forming a high frequency (a small volume of gas usually moving in tremors of 12-25Hz) back and forth in the airway and forming a shear force with the mucus on the mucosa, achieving physiological "mucosal dissolution"; at the same time, it plays a role in ventilation for patients.


Problems to solve in this project:

Customers require iMotion to carry out creative implementation and product production.

Our services:

iMotion provides customers with a complete set of solutions from the product development design to production, mainly responsible for: Electronic engineering software and hardware design, UI design, industrial design, mechanical design, rapid prototyping equipment, assembly, testing, and traceability management. The team solved the following two problems:

●  High frequency flapping in a small space;

●  Noise generated when the sputum excretion machine is running.

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