Eyetop VR 3D Glasses


Designaffairs is a strategic and design consulting agency in Germany, which is responsible for the design of Eyetop VR 3D Glasses.

Problems to solve in this project:

After completing the industrial design, the customer encountered problems with  structural design. Its complexity is mainly reflected in two special requirements of industrial design:

●  The focal length and pupillary distance should be adjusted at the same time;

●  There is an angle of 5° when adjusting the focal length.

At the same time, the electronic motherboard in VR glasses generates a lot of heat while working, and the problem of heat dissipation needs to be solved urgently.

Our services:

iMotion is mainly responsible for mechanical design, stress simulation test, development of injection molding process of magnesium-aluminum alloy, assembly cleaning brush, assembly and testing of this product.

●  In the smallest space, the designer solved the problem of adjusting the focal length and pupillary distance and met the requirement of adjusting the myopia degree of 550° within 1.1mm with lowest cost.

● The special injection molding process of magnesium-aluminum alloy is adopted to solve the heat dissipation problem of the whole system.

● In order to optimize user experiences, iMotion solved the problems of allergy and difficult ventilation caused by product pressure on human face.

We has completed a series of processes from product research and development, mold development, product verification to market in half a year, which has been recognized and affirmed by the customer.

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