LifeFuels Smart Bottle


LifeFuels is a startup company that develops and makes vitamin nutrient solutions. It is jointly invested by Keurig Coffee Machine Company and GNC. The customer wants to develop a smart nutrition bottle. The three nutrition tanks at the bottom of the bottle are designed to place FuelPods and fill water into the bottle. Nutrients can be released into the water by touching the button, and personalized dispensing. Water consumption, nutrients, and hydration process will be shown in APP. The APP will also provide nutritional supplement plans based on the water consumption and remind users to drink water timely. 


Problems to solve in this project:

It is difficult to control the R&D cost within a reasonable range. Meanwhile, it is unable to solve some technical problems in bottle making process.

Our services:

The major working responsibilities of iMotion is to complete mechanical design, prototype manufacturing, testing and verification, trial production and mass production process of the products.

●  The team solved the waterproofing and sealing problem of the product IP67;

●  The team overcame the technical difficulties of self-lubrication of sealing rings;

●  The team solved the stability problem of :double shot injection molding;

●  The team designed and optimized the bottle manufacturing process to achieve high appearance requirements at low cost;

●  iMotion developed the blow molding process for bottle body, in order to ensure the appearance of the standard, discarding old screw thread design, to a novel snap design.

iMotion has optimized whole manufacturing process for customers and has conducted complicated testing processes such as functional machine testing and leakage testing. After completing the product verification process, the whole production line was submitted to customers, which has been recognized and praised by customers.

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