eo SwimBETTER won the Australian Good Design Awards


We are thrilled to announce that eo SwimBETTER has been awarded the prestigious Australian Design Award. The award recognizes eo SwimBETTER's outstanding design, functionality, and impact on the swimming industry.


Our client  eo, a leading wearable technology company, started with industrial design, electronics, firmware, and application development, and we assisted the client with design optimization and industrialization landing.

▼About eo SwimBETTER

The eo SwimBETTER is a revolutionary wearable device that digitally captures and analyzes swimmers' techniques to provide quantifiable feedback for improvement. Unlike existing subjective analysis methods that rely on expert opinions, eo SwimBETTER offers a simple and intuitive solution accessible to all swimmers. This groundbreaking product will completely transform the way swimming coaches train their athletes and empower swimmers to reach their full potential.



The judging panel at Good Design Australia commended eo SwimBETTER as "a clever, minimalist design that brings a new dimension to the sport". This recognition solidifies eo's commitment to innovation and design excellence.

▼About eo

Dedicated to nurturing a culture of design and innovation, eo is at the forefront of wearable technology. Through products like eo SwimBETTER, eo aims to empower individuals to enhance their performance and achieve their goals.


About the Australian Good Design Awards

The Australian Good Design Awards is one of the most prestigious and long-standing design awards globally. Since 1958, it has celebrated exceptional achievements in design and innovation across various industries. Each year, the award recognizes the best new products and services in architecture, engineering, fashion, digital communication design, and more. It also honors cutting-edge design in fields such as design strategy, social impact, research, and emerging talent. Internationally recognized by the World Design Organization (WDO), the award promotes the value and benefits of design to industries, governments, and the public. It also fosters a design culture and innovative capabilities in Australia and around the world. 


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