iMotion effected shipment the first batch of Redstone suntracker devices.



On 23th September, We are thrilled to announce the successful shipment of the first batch of suntracker devices for the Redstone project. After more than three months of dedicated efforts, the iMotion Redstone team overcame the challenges posed by the pandemic COVID-19 to achieve this significant milestone.



 About Redstone Solar Thermal Power Project


The Redstone project is the largest renewable energy investment in South Africa and the first renewable energy project to provide ancillary services. With a total investment of approximately ZAR 11.6 billion (CNY 5.3 billion), the project aims to provide clean energy to 210,000 households, contributing 480GWh of electricity to the grid annually and offsetting approximately 440,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year. Construction for the project commenced in 2021 after successful financing and is expected to be operational by the end of 2023.


▼ The high-precision suntracker devices


The high-precision suntracker devices developed by iMotion, in collaboration with BrightSource, are essential components of tower-based solar thermal power plants. The precision and stability of the suntracker directly impact the efficiency of the solar thermal power plants, influencing their electricity generation and economic viability. The suntracker devices, which feature high surface accuracy and tracking precision, ensure the precise reflection of sunlight onto the designated positions of the absorbers. This improves the quality of concentrated solar radiation, minimizes energy loss, and enhances photoelectric conversion efficiency, resulting in increased electricity generation and reduced costs.


The suntracker devices, known for their accurate sun tracking capabilities, have already been installed in approximately 300,000 units in projects such as the 392MW Ivanpah tower-based solar thermal power project in the United States, the 121MW Ashalim Plot B tower-based solar thermal power project in Israel, and the 950MW Dubai solar thermal and photovoltaic hybrid power project. These devices have undergone rigorous testing, including endurance tests in harsh conditions such as high winds and sandstorms, with the longest successful operation spanning over 10 years.






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