iMotion recognized Shanghai Specialized and Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprise in 2022 for the second time !


On March 2,2023, according to the "Implementation Rules for the gradient Cultivation Management of high-quality smes in Shanghai"(Shanghai Economic and Information Norms〔2022〕No. 8), after expert review and comprehensive evaluation, the 2022 Shanghai specialized and innovative smes (the second batch) were announced through the public list, and the publicity was officially released on March 8,2023.

After successfully being recognized as a Specialized and Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprise in Shanghai in 2020, iMotion has once again secured its position for the year 2022, passing the review and receiving this prestigious recognition for the second time.

By standing out among numerous participating enterprises, iMotion’s successful recognition not only validates its technological innovation capabilitiesprofessionalism, and overall strength, but also highly affirms its commitment to independent innovation, technological influence, and brand value.

iMotion will continue to focus on product innovation design and engineering technology development, utilize our company's strength to create brand products, and provide customers with better quality products and services.

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