Xi'an University of Technology enterprise alliance visited high-tech enterprises in East China


From March 8 to 10, 2019, iMotion jointly with Xi'an University of Technology Alumni Association organized alumni enterprise alliance part of the board of directors, as well as the University of Shanghai For Science and Technology, Shanghai University, Harmontronics Automation Technology, and other universities leaders and business senior guests have been to Shanghai, Zhenjiang, and Suzhou. They went to local innovation industrial park and high-tech enterprises will continue to expand the influence of alumni enterprise alliance.


On the morning of March 8, the research team arrived at the "New Business Square" Innovation Center, which was built by Shanghai Lingang Group and Baoshan District Government. Government-owned enterprises and the "Production, Study, and Research" collaboration model make the research team very inspired.



The research team came to University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and focused on the Shanghai Equipment Manufacturing Laboratory, which was built by the Shanghai Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Sciences and the Siemens and Stuttgart Institute of Germany, and listened to the detailed description of the laboratory by relevant leaders, as well as the authoritative interpretation of key technologies and trends in the field of research.


Afterwards, research team went to iMotion and Hi-P International factory in Nanhui.

On March 10, research team went to Harmontronics Automation Technology to conduct research, visited and learned Intelligent production workshops and workflow management.


Through the three-day visit, all participants and guests feel full of harvest, hope to form the industry chain of cooperation opportunities, to promote cooperation and development with external enterprises.


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