Focusing on innovative product design——the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business X iMotion theme salon event was successfully held


On the afternoon of December 11th, a number of entrepreneurs from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business attended the salon themed with innovative product design at iMotion headquarters. iMotion CEO Zhuo Li and COO Gary participated in this event.

Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic in early 2020, people's consumption demand has changed, how enterprises can break their boundaries and develop products and brands under the “new normal” situation is the mainly problem placed before us.


In the round-table discussion, they had a discussion on the current development trends and innovative points of consumer electronics and medical devices. For the projects being launched by iMotion, they also gave many suggestions based on their own perspective.


In addition, CEO Zhuoli showed the visitors around the iMotion product exhibition hall, NPI workshop, and micro-workshop and introduced the "world's first" product led by iMotion and the story behind it, including how to subvert product design ideas, effectively reduce product costs, and develop the product from idea to product implementation.


Zhuoli also shared: "Can-do is what we have always insisted on and put into practice. It requires not only the belief in can-do, but also the ability of can-do. We are constantly hunting for the market pain points, and that's where our innovation starts."

During the salon, with high quality sharing and communication, the business topics currently focused on by entrepreneurs were discussed, and a new horizons of brand innovation was built. At the same time, a communication platform was built for the exchanges between iMotion and Cheung Kong Graduate School Alumni to continuously share new ideas, new models and new methods of product and business innovation.


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