iMotion's settled in Zhangjiang Artificial Intelligence Island to welcome a new round of development opportunities



On August 13, Zhangjiang Entrepreneurial Workshop @AIsland officially opened in Zhangjiang Artificial Intelligence Island, where the first large enterprise innovation demand conference was held. As one of the first companies to move into Artificial Intelligence Island, new CEO Zhuo Li and CMO Mujie represented iMotion at the innovation demand launch.


iMotion CEO Zhuo Li、CMO Miao Jie

Zhangjiang Entrepreneurial Workshop @AIsland focuses on the field of artificial intelligence, aiming to create Zhangjiang "AI-Park" accelerator and large enterprise joint innovation center, for Zhangjiang large and medium-sized enterprises to provide innovative sources, inspiration and resource sharing. Innovation Demand Conference builds a platform for small and medium-sized enterprises to communicate.

Zhangjiang Entrepreneurial Workshop @AIsland set up three different areas of industrial roadshow, signed up for small and medium-sized enterprises can use 15 minutes of road show time, fully display their own innovation highlights, with several industries talk and cooperation. During the roadshow, iMotion CEO Zhuo Li introduced iMotion and the "world first" products, including the core components of the photothermal solar power station - the daylight tracking module, the remote-controlled large-screen TV stand, the medical capsule herbal atomizer, the micromillimeter microwave base station (5G), the unplugged swimming pool automatic cleaning robot, and the wearing of short-sighted glasses VR wearable devices. IMotion's business development model and many of the innovative products are appreciated by the leaders and industry leaders.


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