CannaKorp Capsule Herbal Atomizer


CannaKorp, Inc. is a Massachusetts-based technology start-up company that is simplifying and improving the experience for medical cannabis patients. CannaKorp has developed the world’s first single-use pod and vaporizer system delivering unprecedented quality, convenience and consistency.  


Problems to solve in this project:

● In some European and American countries, many diseases are treated by industrial marijuana. However, the therapeutic effect cannot be guaranteed due to the difficulties of accurately controlling its dosage and the temperature required for atomization.

● In order to save money, many users will heat capsules more than one time, which may cause volatilization of harmful components. Therefore, CannaKorp invented disposable capsules and perfectly solved those problems.

Our services:

iMotion mainly in charge of system design, mechanical design, trial run,assembly and testing of the product, up to the whole development process of the product from scratch.

●  The team accurately controlled the single-use dosage and the standard temperature as well as air pressure required for atomization, thereby suppressing the volatilization of harmful ingredients in order to ensure the best performance of the product and protect the user's health.

●  New technology is invented to prevent the capsules from being used again.

●  One-touch interface, sanitary sleeve and detachable check valve are designed for easy to use and cleaning.

iMotion helped the start-up company complete whole development process of “from concept to prototyping” and “small batch production”. We solved key technical problems for it, and assisted customers to create a new business model for medical capsules.

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